Shhhh………… It’s a secret!

Ahhhhh……What a MAN! Jonathan not only arranged a secret proposal, but did it in front of his and hers families. Little Lizeth knew he’s going to propose when they met 7 years ago. Jonathan kept the secret even from his best friends and family.

Keeping a proposal secret is never easy. Jonathan asked me to help him on making sure Lizeth wouldn’t find out. In fact, she thought she was celebrating  his acceptance to the Medical school, and had no idea what’s coming. The secret was even kept under wraps while the couple took a special meal with families.

Lizeth was completely surprised by both the proposal and the attendance of their families. A plan this elaborate has many moving parts but in the end Lizeth and Jonathan are left with a memory that will last forever.

Ohhhhh…… So romantic! He organized a family meal at Grand Tradition and brought families to the secret garden. He said thank you for sharing my happy moment of being accepted to the Medical School, and stand on one knee…

It was so emotional, and I remembered the day my husband and I decided on becoming a family…..

Of course she said YES!



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