Anastasia’s Bridal Shower at Rancho Santa Fe

When it comes to bridal showers, we’re all about sweet. Give us a dash of pink, floral by the dozen and dessert table full of goodies. Anastasia, soon-to-be-Mrs.Hendry, was such a gentle flower. I’d be more then happy to document her wedding soon.

5T1A0861 5T1A0597 5T1A0491-Edit-2 5T1A0459 ANASTASIA (4) ANASTASIA (12) ANASTASIA (33) 5T1A0261 ANASTASIA (30) 5T1A0253 ANASTASIA (23) 5T1A0168 ANASTASIA (17) 5T1A0162 ANASTASIA (15) 5T1A0169 5T1A0188 5T1A0452 5T1A0457 5T1A0258 ANASTASIA (6) 5T1A0397 5T1A0793 ANASTASIA (26) 5T1A0591 5T1A0212



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